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XXX1232 Example unit name

Previous: XXX123 Previous name for the unit


LLB101 Introduction to Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB145 Legal Foundations A

Previous: LWB141 Legal Institutions & Method

LLB102 Torts

Previous: LWB147 Torts A / LWB138 Fundamentals of Torts

Previous: LWB148 Torts B / LWB139 Select Issues in Torts

LLB103 Dispute Resolution

Previous: LWB150 Lawyering and Dispute Resolution

Previous: LWB498 Dispute Resolution and Non-Adversarial Practice

LLB104 Contemporary Law and Justice

Previous: LWB131 Law in Context

Previous: LWB142 Law, Society & Justice

LLB105 Legal Problems and Communication

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB146 Legal Foundations B

LLB106 Criminal Law

Previous: LWB238 Fundamentals of Criminal Law

Previous: LWB239 Criminal Responsibility

LLB107 Statutory Interpretation

LLH201 Legal Research

Notes needed!

LLB202 Contract Law

File:Megan Dwyer, 2015.docx

Previous: LWB136 Contracts A

Previous: LWB137 Contracts B

LLB203 Constitutional Law

Previous: LWB242 Constitutional Law

Previous: LWB231 Public Law

Previous: LWB235 Australian Federal Constitutional Law

LLB204 Commercial and Personal Property Law

Previous: LWB243 Property Law A

Previous: LWB332 Commercial & Personal Property

LLB205 Equity and Trusts

  • Anonymous, 2015 [__[1]], [____[2]], [____[3]], [____[4]], [____[5]], [____[6]]__

Previous: LWB240 Principles of Equity

Previous: LWB241 Trusts

LLH206 Administrative Law

Previous: LWB335 Administrative Law

LLB301 Real Property Law

Previous: LWB244 Property Law B

Previous: LWB236 Real Property A

Previous: LWB237 Real Property B

LLH302 Ethics and the Legal Profession

Previous: LWB433 Professional Responsibility

  • [Anonymous] 2011 (updated from Matt's notes below)

LLB303 Evidence

Previous: LWB432 Evidence

LLB304 Commercial Remedies

LLH305 Corporate Law

Previous: LWB334 Corporate Law

LLB306 Civil Procedure

Previous: LWB431 Civil Procedure

LLH401 Legal Research Capstone

Notes needed!


LLB140 Human Rights Law

Previous: LWB496 Australian and Comparative Human Rights Law

LLB141 Introduction to International Law

Previous: LWB144 Laws and Global Perspectives

LLB142 Regulation of Business

LLB241 Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB313 Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Law

LLB242 Media Law

LLB243 Family Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB302 Family Law

LLB244 Criminal Law Sentencing

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB494 Principles of Sentencing

LLB245 Sports Law

LLB344 Intellectual Property Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB486 Intellectual Property Law

LLB345 Internet Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB482 Internet Law

LLB346 Succession Law

[T, 2018]

Previous: LWB309 Succession Law

LLB347 Taxation Law

Previous: LWB346 Introduction to Taxation Law

LLB444 Real Estate Transactions

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB312 Real Estate Transactions

LLB445 International Commercial Arbitration

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB407 Private International Law

LLH471 Health Law and Practice

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB463 Medico-Legal Issues

LLH472 Public International Law

Previous: LWB406 Fundamentals of Public International Law

LLH474 Insolvency Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB307 Insolvency Law

LLH475 Theories of Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB333 Theories of Law


LWB332 Commercial Law

LWB366 Law of Commercial Entities

LWB484 Electronic Commerce and Technology Contracts

LWB489 Native Title Law and Practice


LWN050 Competition Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB410 Competition Law

LWN051 Consumer Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB459 Commercial and Consumer Law

LWN119 Employment Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB308 Australian Employment Law