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This is a Wikipedia page for QUT Students, made so that we can spend less time copying powerpoint slides into word documents and more time at the bar. It was born out of the original Qut Law Wikinotes founded by Andrew Trotter. When I saw that Wikispaces, the website hosting it, was due to close down in a few months I thought ti would be a good opportunity to be proactive and bring in some contingency and touch up the existing work. As it currently stands this wiki is mostly just a clone of the original Qut Law Wikinotes but with some formatting edits for consistency and experience added in. I've also added pages for the other faculties at QUT. It is my hope that it will continue to grow as the original has and that, with time, this wiki will be expanded by students to cover all faculties and units at QUT.

Many of us have benefited from the work of previous students over the years. If you feel you have something to give back then please upload your notes here - even if it's only notes for one subject, or someone else's notes you've updated!

Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving. - Kamari aka Lyrikal